Saturday, August 13, 2011

What Men Think Of While Kissing?

A lovemaking session cannot go with kissing! There are however different types of kissing types which you can please your partner in the most suttle ways. Couples enjoy the form of kissing as it helps them to really connect emotionally and physically thereby benefiting all health aspects which come along.

What many of us fear, is the sudden onset of a kiss and this cannot be with held by any chance when you are in love. In most relationships, it is the man who thinks alot before he pouts his lips onto his lady's.

Here are some thoughts which run through a man's mind before he encounters a kiss in lovemaking.

1.Before he places his mouth to hers, the first thing he thinks about is his breath. Bad breath is a common problem which many of us suffer from.

2.Men have a strong ego problem so they feel they are the best kissers in town. Before the art of lovemaking, most men think that the woman is lucky as she gets to kiss the best man standing before her.

3.Sorry guys but it aint happening what you are thinking about. The most common thought that runs through a man's mind is that they feel they are going to get laid after their lips are placed onto the woman's, this of course rarely happens!

4.In lovemaking when a man kisses a woman, he might just be doing it for the sake of it and without a meaning to it. This is common with men to think like this when it comes to kissing.

5.Kissing types are many and most of us have a different kissting type we really love. However when a man kisses a woman the first thing that strikes him is whether the girl is comfortable in the kissing style he in cooperates.

6.If you must know guys, that kissing a lady with your eyes open is creepy. This is a common mistake guys make when they are kissing. You may be having different thoughts in your head when you look at her while your mouth is glued to hers, but in case she opens her eyes, she will freak!

These are some of the thoughts men have in their mind when they are caught in the act of kissing in a lovemaking session.

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