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Sweet Hot Kisses of Bollywood

Urmila Matondkar and Saif Ali Khan while smooching sensuously in 'Ek Hasina Thi'.

Cool Saif looking more sexed-up, while sexy Urmila seems to be at the receiving end with eyes shut passionately.

In the film 'Tumsa Nahin Dekha', Emraan Hashmi and Dia Mirza do lip-lock!

This kiss shot was taken on a busy road in daylight and also when it was raining.

Anil Kapoor lip locks with Sameera Reddy in Sanjay Gupta's 'Musafir'.

Sameera said after okaying the shot, "It is quite interesting doing bold scene with aged than younger heroes."

But Anil Kapoor's daughter didn't watch the movie because of this shot.

Once again Emraan Hashmi, but this time with Mallika Sherawat for the film 'Murder'.

This all-out kissing will definitely make you sit erect.

Actually the scene was taken so aesthetically that it didn't look fake.

The real-life duo kissing for movie 'Madhoshi'.

Though the film couldn't hit the box office, but the sensation cannot be ignored.

Their off screen relationship helped them lot to kissing comfortably before camera.

Saif Ali Khan and Rani Mukherji kissing for film 'Hum Tum'.

The Rain-drenched couple less cares if the lightning sparkles between their coziness.

First time Aishwarya did a lip-lock shot on screen.

That too with real life beau Vivek Oberoi.

The blink-'n'-miss kiss is from the movie 'Kyon Ho Gaya Na'.

Aamir Khan and Karishma Kapoor in a lingering lip-lock in 'Raja Hindustani'.

The romantic film having so many bold scenes portraying aesthetically was a huge box office hit.

In 'Dev', Kareena lip-locks with beau Fardeen Khan.

However Kareena does better lip-locks off screen with Shahid Kapoor.

Don't joke, yaar! It's a serious act, and Kareena agreed to do such scene after she was well convinced by director Govind Nihalini.


India's moment of reckoning finally arrived after centuries of repression when with the release of 'Murder', the legend of the Serial Kisser was born.

Hashmi's barbaric moves made the legendary Dr.Hannibal Lecter seem like a juvenile delinquent in comparison. Hashmi's modus operandi was simple - when seduction fails, resort to terror. And if the Bhatts are to be believed, it works!

In Ram Gopal Varma's 'Naach' Abhishek Bachchan and Antara Mali pose for a sensuous kiss.

Antara sucking Abhishek's lips, but where the Abhishek's turn?

Only Ramu can say.

'Aashiq Banaya Apne': Hashmi's Nemesis!

The serial kisser gets the shock of his life in this role reversal sequence. He finds himself at the receiving end of it as an empowered Tanushree Dutta asserts herself, but recovers with characteristic swagger and breaks into a robotic munching rhythm. Himesh's nasal humming fits into the scene uncannily as both lovers struggle for breath.


It was like a unilateral cease-fire declaration in the Gaza strip. It would take more than an ice cold response from Ash to deter a relentless Hrithik in a Satyaraj (the assault king of south Indian cinema) kind of mood.


Saif Ali Khan blends his Winchester College temperament and cosmopolitan ethos into the art and craft of pecking, while making Bebo's earlier MMS outing with SKR seem in comparison, rather ... er, to be blunt, on the unhygienic side.


Mallika Sherawat doing the coy Bharatiya Nari act.

Sherawat: "Oh please don't do this. My head is spinning. I feel scared. Give me a second, I need to think. Oh, please don't"

Lover boy (who couldn't care less): "Alright whatever".

Sherawat (now realizing that she had overdone the act): "Wait, maybe I am feeling so scared because I like it so much".

Audience: Cut the crap please, just do it!


This is the Copenhagen of all kissing scenes. A diplomatic gridlock ensues when Hashmi and Geeta Basra get at it in a deadly embrace and take the emotional plunge from this running (irony intended) train.


Aishwarya Rai's domestic policy has always centered around a principled objection to foreign intrusion. Hence the pseudo smack. So skillfully shot by director Samir Karnik, bet you a hundred bucks that you will be left wondering if Ash really did it or did not!


Watch Udita Goswami wrestle for hunky dory John's affections. You would think it was high time the IOC (Indian Olympic committee) started thinking out of the box to spot untapped talent for London 2012.


Question - What ensues when a piping hot Jiah Khan gets into a comfy corner with the legendary sexagenarian?

Answer - A politically correct kiss.

For those of you who missed this sequence, rest assured that you didn't miss much!


You might have kissed.. you might have cried.. you might have laughed.. you might even have sat on a scenic ocean front drive for no apparent reason, with the rain beating down on your face. But if you have never tried doing all of the above and all at the same time, watch Vidya Balan show you how. That's Mani Ratnam for you!


Rani Mukerjee does to son in 'Yuva', what she almost did to dad in 'Black', and what she must surely regret doing to Kamal Hassan in 'Hey Ram'. Turns out, AB baby is almost as much a gentleman as the Sr.B. Well, only almost.


The sequences in this movie might seem to be performed by an untrained un-professional, and it's indeed not for the faint of heart. And if some of these scenes bear an uncanny resemblance to real life incidents (read Ahuja house maid scandal) it is merely coincidental.


You have to hand it to Ash. The carefully unfurled lock of hair, that falls just in time to conceal the pout, the lens going soft focus at that crucial moment, that inevitable but excruciating cutaway from the action. It must all be sub-claused in the contract, considering her notorious aversion to on screen lip locks.


Soha Ali Khan commits the folly of her life when she poses for a painting a la Kate Winslet aboard Titanic. But little did she realize that Emraan Hashmi is no gentleman like DiCaprio. It is said that all was lost before the very first brush stroke was made. Good for Hashmi that trigger happy Nawab Saif has moved on since the black buck case.


The moment was emotional. The intent was noble, the portrayal subtle. For the frivolous, it was a lesson in nuance. It is tough, almost sinful to say anything naughty about the famous kiss in 'Black'. But hell, who has ever complained about too much steam in the pudding?


Neil Nitin Mukesh might have the first name of an American, the gray eyes of a Cicilian and the hair coloration of an albino. But with Jail he reassures that his liplocking sensibilities are typically desi.

'Parineeta': Kiss of the King!

Saif is the Cary Grant of Indian cinema when it comes to intimacy. Unlike his peers, his behavior never seems to suggest that he was running late for an appointment. He takes his time, with measured movements and grace that takes the cringe factor out of the equation. Maybe they should consider sending the likes of Hashmi to Winchester college for a mid summer crash course in British etiquette!

'Wafaa': Rajesh Khanna- Part 2

In one of the most terrible comebacks ever recorded in the history of cinema, Superstar Rajesh Khanna, aged 66, jumps into the bed with a clueless Saara Khan and triggers off an invasion second only to Napoleon's campaign of Russia (the result is the same). With a pathetic brown hair patch to cover his baldness, Khanna tries to win back his fans with a Michael Douglas act! There is no liplock, as such, in this movie, for it's a daring attempt to emulate the whole of Kamasutra in 60 seconds!! We dare not give you the 'Wafaa' snap. What you see above is the Rajesh Khanna you want to remember: The Messiah of Romance!

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