Saturday, August 13, 2011

How A Man's Kiss Affects A Woman

Sexual activity begins with a kiss, may be on lips, neck, cheek or anywhere else. Kiss has immense value in any relationship. If a man is very attracted to a woman but discovers she is a bad or mediocre kisser, he will probably have sex with her anyway if presented with the opportunity, but a woman can't get past a bad kiss. Therefore it is important for every man to learn how to kiss a woman to their satisfaction. Kiss is not just an introductory action to lovemaking, but an inevitable action in lovemaking. Women are very much affected with every kiss and even get addicted to it than any other sexual actions.

A bad kisser always finds it difficult to pass on to the next step and he sees kissing as the next step on a carnal quest. But a good kisser, however, sees the kiss as the destination itself. He kisses as if he will never do anything else with this woman, as if he never wants to do anything else with this woman. He kisses as if this is what he has been dying to do for years and he wants to savor every moment. And for sure, this is the moment a woman decides that there should be further activities in the agenda.

Most important is that you have to approach the kiss with the right attitude. It is an experience to be enjoyed in and of itself, not just a stepping-stone to sex. You may want it to lead to the bedroom and if done correctly, it probably will, but you need to experience and really enjoy the act of kissing. A woman will feel your kiss with great sensitivity and she will know if it is sincere or not. And if you really kiss with purpose, you will enjoy it, and a lot more too.

Kissing not only involves the lips, but the whole body and mind, and, if you do it right, the soul too. First know how to enjoy kissing before you can expect a woman to enjoy kissing you. Kissing is a process, not an act. If properly kissed a woman may enjoy the closeness and affection. Women are touchy-feely and a kiss is all about emotions and heady stuff. Kissing is a wonderful experience for both men and women.

Women always like mutual lovemaking, not just a forced, one-party action. It is applicable in kiss also. Any tongue and lip action should involve a give-and-take, with both parties allowed the opportunity for interaction in a saliva-laden minuet. When your lips move over her lips, cheek, eyes, stomach and thighs, she will virtually feel like in paradise and will whole heartedly accept you as her soul mate and owner of her body.

The only entrance to your girl is through her mind, and to conquer her mind you should learn to tame her lips with an affectionate lip-lock. The beginning to a great night with a beautiful woman can end with a handshake if she does not like the way you kiss. If you want her to spread her legs, you first have to know how to spread her lips.

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