Saturday, August 13, 2011

Kiss Your Way To Immortality

Kiss, the most beautiful expression of love and affection, is also a blessing to your health. A kiss is a magical act which has the ability to vanish all your worries, stress, sadness and tension in minutes and make you smile out of content. This magic also gets you healthy and adds years to your life. A kiss is an expression of love, passion, affection and there is a long list of benefits of a kiss. In other words it can be said that a kiss can make you immortal.

Kiss Benefits To Immortality

1.The first and foremost benefit of kiss is that it is a stress reliever. Kissing helps reduce the stress hormone and thus, reduce tension, negative thoughts and worries. This is the first step to the kiss immortality.

2.Believe it or not a study have actually declared that a couple who kiss their partner goodbye before leaving for the day, live for more number of years than those who don't.

3.A kiss a day can make be the best anti-aging mantra. It has been proved that kiss tones you skin and thus, prevents sagging of the cheeks with age. Making your beauty an immortal phenomenon and adding on to the feel good factor, kiss benefits take yet another step.

4.One of the most important benefits of kiss is it's wonders with heart. A romantic kiss not only makes your heart happy but also creates an adrenaline which results in rhythmic pumping of the heart. It ensure good cardiovascular health.

5.All you need to handle your anxiety is a kiss. A kiss releases the calming hormones which produces peace and mental peace with a peace is your path to long life.

With all these benefits of a kiss can make you immortal. The immortality gifted by a kiss may not be physical but it is the happiness which never dies.

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