Monday, January 9, 2012

Rakhi Sawant is the first Bollywood actress who get awarded for her bold role in blue film scandal called Indian Kamasutra

Rakhi Sawant rolling stones item girl and hot Bollywood actress were in a hot blue film Kamasutra scandal for 13 years. It was still her husband David and Rakhi Sawant married Indian actor Johnny Liver. They David and Rakhi met when the latter played in the video Kamasutra as a bold actress and position maker in 1999 and 2010.
About her their written a book about her biography and flexography including all her fakes and real scandals including her hidden tape scandal by American biographical author Jenny Paul.
The book is called Rakhi Sawant affairs: The True Story. Paul has spent six years researching past Rakhi Sawant and says he has found several previously unknown secretes of her, including her first entry in Bollywood scandals through a without clothes photo session by a local blue film director. Video Rolling Stones with Rakhi Sawant in the lead can be seen below it is probably not augment fragile.

Besides all these scandals and entertaining news about Rakhi it is so clear that she will leave the Indian film industry very soon because she is taking a high interest in making her own art academy in Delhi. You can watch and enjoy this b-grade actress movie and video clips on any free video sharing website for free of cost.

Rakhi Sawant kissing

Bollywood item girl Rakhi Sawant has been always known for her bold revealing outfits and controversial statements. But she hit the top headlines after ‘Mika kissing Rakhi’ episode

Since then many other kissing chapters have been added in her Bollywood journey.
Lately, she was seen flirting with most of the contestants who came to marry her on reality show ‘Rakhi Ka Swayamwar’. But finally it was Toronto-based businessman Elesh who won her heart.

And recently, Rakhi and Elesh who are the part of new reality show ‘Pati, Patni and Woh’ on NDTV Imagine were seen getting cozy and kissing each other on camera.
Folks, Rakhi kissing Elesh or Mika kissing Rakhi is fine but can you digest Rakhi lip-locking with someone of same gender. Yes, it is Rakhi kissing Canadian NRI Kainaaz Pervees.Looking at this picture one would surely get to know her liking for someone of same sex. But Rakhi, does Elesh knows about this?