Monday, July 4, 2011


Australian Kiss
Like a French kiss, but down under.

Naked-at-the-Door Kiss
Meet your partner at the door naked when they come home. Grab him by the belt and pull him to the couch on top of you and kiss him passionately. This always leads to more!

Nipple Kiss
While you have a moment to yourselves, gently kiss, lick, and suck on your partner's nipple. Blowing on it makes it cold and gives a great sensation, while lightly nibbling will make your partner go wild. This kiss will definitely lead to more.

Pull Up Kiss
As you are making out passionatley with your lover, stop mid-kiss and move your head down to were his or her shiirt ends, Pull it up and gently kiss their belly. Start taking thier shirt off and move up their torso. When you reach their chest, kiss, nibble and suck. It will have your partner aroused in seconds!

Shaba Kiss
Get down on one knee. Softly lift your partners shirt and move down towards the hips, kissing what is revealed. Rotate your tongue while you're kissing. This kiss can definitely lead to more.

Side-on Lining Kiss
(For males). Gently pass your hand down the body of your partner, then slowly pull down the panty a bit. Lightly kiss on the impressions left on the hip by the elastic of the panty. This is a very sensuous kiss.

Strip Kiss
Only try this kiss if you are very close to your partner. Start French kissing your partner. Stop and slowly take off their shirt. Resume kissing. Stop again and kneel to one knee. Take off your partner's socks, shoes, and pants, leaving them in their underwear.

Thigh Kiss
Gently kiss your partner behind the knee and slowly kiss your way up her thigh. It will drive her mad.

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